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“Stop and Shop Rite”

July 26, 2017


“As We Get Older and Stop Making Sense (Making Sense)”

July 17, 2017


“Let’s Go Out to the Lobby and Have Ourselves a Snack”

July 15, 2017


July 8, 2017

Drain the brain of the pain

Dismount, detach, and refrain

Ravine Drive Kindergarten Graduation Concert 2017 Matawan, NJ

June 21, 2017

“Do Re Mi”


“You Are My Sunshine”


“Frog in the Meadow”


“See You Later”

“Gone Wakko” (in loving memory of Kevin)

June 7, 2017


The wars of our childhood freckled with laughs

Summer days spent running and hiding, snipering, what a blast, you were always so fast

Recreation, fast friends, little tykes basketball hoops, the perfect football yard, puke powered spitballs, snowball surprises, trading cards, hero quests, pinkies, cream faces, to name a few or list them

Toads battling, men mega, Hoiberg Fred NCAA, nightmares of Bart, what a super entertainment system

Milk crated barricades in the basement set the stage for flying pillows

A perfect childhood, today forever weeping willowed


Gone Wakko

“TVQ” (instrumental) (acoustic demo)

May 9, 2017