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“Sin City Church”

October 30, 2005

It was 5 a.m. and only one man was in there

He showed me his Rosaries and gave me a pair

Catholic Meditation-Mother Teresa-Mosaic Jesus

Knees on the pew-opened my eyes-church full of people-what do I do?

“We have a visitor with us today…” were the first words from the priest’s lips

Is this really happening?

This is intense, better take the rest of the trips

Try to fit in-Where do I begin? I picked up the book which told me my sins…

These words can breathe, as far as I can perceive

In the Mosaic

I Truly Believed

Angelic voices-layers upon layers

Could not see the waves, but they splashed in my ears

What happened next is best understood by seers

Saint Vincent Van Gogh

Entered my soul

Patron Saint of schizophrenics, homosexuals, junkies, and every kind of deviant

These are the types of thoughts I had on that expedient

I’ll never forget what that unlikely Saint boasts-

“These are the ones that need Love the most”

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