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January 13, 2010

“Oh’d” by Keith William Corcoran

The clouds scatter and the name embedded is shown

Chalkdust torture, his actions could not be condoned

Poems bout toons taint telligent/Poems bout toons taint telligent/Poems bout…

The School doors fly open and out comes the anagrammatical brat skatin’

Working man takes off his plutonium handling gear

Supermarket momma reads tabloids while the clerk scans what she rears

Go saxophone go! Forget the band and solo out of control, out the door, it’s time to go home!

The brat skates on, dodges the rod as he passes the local watering hole

Baby and mother act like each other and toot their own horns as they round the corner

They all converge at once (what a bunch!) although Dad is almost sent to the coroner

Couch gag missed more often than seen-cut to commercial and hock the American Dream

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