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April 19, 2013



The Theme Is Egypt

Rain, Sleet, Shit, or Snow

It was never Stefani, which means No Doubt

Turn your new born poem into a baby

Glow Lab

An ointment in my language

Just surviving isn’t enough!!!

So…sing to me


We all write the SAME POEM…from different angles…and from different words

The Void

To My Creator!

I Sing Me a Song!

I write e-mails, but sometimes I don’t send the e-mails

Peanut Gallery-“Send it!”

Elephants are associated with fertility

Studying Buddhist Art in India

Be pleasantly surprised if something I so desired manifested itself

I want, seek, desire, to change perception

1.If you think life is beautiful, it is

2.If you think life is ugly, it is

3.If you think there is no GOD, there is

4.If you think there IS GOD, there IS

This is my first time at Mayhem

2100 AD-Tubes of Pringles Nano-Chips

No more dismissing the worried and paranoid

The only Amazon left is selling books online

Let’s just leave the Middle East & Invest in Windmills…Air

Spark a conversation about conservation

I want my kids to at least have the option to die old

Memorize the Kama Sutra Use it, Reuse it, and Recycle it

Rainbow Reflection

Sky has

Globs of male pubic hair

Remnants of the party

Call out to nymphs

Bitches let’s cleanse this

Thinking he needed to squint to behold her beauty

Puff puff but no pass

Love was never rolled so tightly

My extraordinary love poem

We need to fall in love

You asked if I meant with each other and I said, “No.”

This is the stuff textbooks are made of…

Harvest our ability to harvest love

Lovetology Religion

Maybe you’re right, “We should make rivers flow up hills”

Underwear to bar

Made into a smallish, decorative pillow for my cat

Synthetic fabric

Pimples on butt cheeks

Hey, did YOU, take a pair of MY underwear?

You danced over

Beat the heart of Bourbon Street


Soulful concrete street

America walked by too drunk to notice

I can teach you to write a poem about yourself that will be beautiful


Too selfish, too stupid, too greedy, too racist, too drunk to notice

In the beginning

Did not treat me like a whore

Kiss the inside of my lips

When I scream your name out as you put me in you

Just fuck me or give me a drink

Give me solace in your hips and…

Make me apologize

In exchange for an ethereal

You can barely tolerate my sex

No more celibate love letters or slutty suicides


Poking artificial third eyes whose contacts feel faded

Child from third eye cataracts

Outlast any copper top

You couldn’t kill me if Tarantino penned your rebuttal

Force Monks

Give crews strength that replace the crucifix

Love Poem

By stages

I search through black faces to find yours

Powerpoint Presentation Poetry

I smothered my heart as I usually do

Let me use your tongue ring

You do your tongue thing

Her back blown out like a flat tire

Her eyes began to pour like Gatorade on a winning coach

I think you know me


If you can’t understand my motives then you are certainly not allowed to be my friend or let alone lover

You know nothing about me

Other than appearance

Painting something about it

That’s even better

Sometime between 1:23 and 13:23 in the afternoon

Something about going inside myself reminds me of masturbation

I thought it would be funny to put all the exit signs on the entrances

Not ready

It’s an idea

Dismantle the patriarchy

Keeping her in the home

Hearth in home

Book of Blank Stare


Mental breakdown

Mental breakdance

Free gospel church

Not boy crazy

I found poetry and spilled


There was a problem

Rather than live lonely I fucked some bucketheads

I fell in love with myself

Pure in every sense

Went back to

Our Good Lord

Turned off

Turned off my radio


Multiple pieces

No trilogies or director’s cuts

Your welcome wonderful

I’ve been in love before

But not with something real

Your eyes rolled up in fists and fucked my soul up

You’re welcome

Flow out of me and catch the heartache


Dyslexically trifle

I’ll say things albino like…

Dipped in polar bear farts

Skeeter’s Skin


Areola Borealis

Northern headlights

In Heaven, so you can have it Yahweh

Spaceship to Venus out Leggos and Lincoln Logs

I have a trust fetish

Mountain Deuce

Someone always has to be that last person to clap

Abortion clinic: Eggs over easy


DMB rap song

Mad fluent in French, What!

Love All

Ipod squad peeps

Cingular for life-represent

As you become regulars we start to curse at you

Thought creates reality

Keep screaming and it’s bound to happen

I am the greatest of our time

Illuminate forever

MC’s want to be See Em’s

I’ll battle any of GOD’s objects

Nobody told my mother why

That which gave me breath tried to take it away

Only my reflection can stop me now

I’m sorry if you think it is greed, apparently, you haven’t seen all of the mouths I have to feed


The lifting darkness

Dream poem


Two people in the back began to fuck silently

They are NOT removed

Dane: 8-9-10-11, you were a psychic


I’m out on a limb holding your heart in my hand

I’m hoping the girls who like poetry just might love poets too

Janelle-from the Arabic word Gismah

I was meant to find you

For a guy

I’m trapped within acrylic and silence

An infinite supply of sarcasm and laughter

Evolution-one smooth corporate takeover of nature

Bloody kisses saturate spandex

The pumpkin picking oath

The corporate junkies love an exotic looking white girl

When I die I want to be buried with sunflower seeds in my hands

Everyone who has wanted to…

I am all dressed up for a war

I pissed on my moccasins when I was drunk

Basketball poem

I once danced alone to a cockroach playing a saxophone

Admirable, shy, and nerdy in delight

Your frame of Geek

You’re the only dark I can never leap

You’re my baby


Kicks knowledge to the hoodrats

Poetry, women, sexist


Now all he does is write and you call him a poet

I tried to break up over the phone, but she always answered it

No saw can cut through True Love

Passion for the Slam

My heart finds diamonds in the rough

the dark knight

Virgo with a word flow

I know y’all are broke, that’s why I’m here to fix things

Verbal Mayhem Training Ground

You don’t want to be the best poet to work for Fed-ex, couldn’t you move me up to U.P.S.

You can’t virgin a pussy poet

What is an open mic w/o a piece that bashes Love?

Love is a bitch that wears red stilettos

Every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

*a Cento form poem 

**This poem is called “Notes” because the following “Verbal Mayhem” after November 7th 2006 I literally took the notes from my notebook I was taking at Mayhem and put them in chronological order as they appeared throughout the night.

Every word that appears in this poem appeared in my notebook that night. This poem is basically every finger snappable line I heard that first night. Sorry if my ears heard things wrong or for the scarce notes that I have added for whatever reason. A very special thanks to all of the Verbal Mayhemmers that inspired this poem, as this really is their poem.

I enjoy the concept of bringing us all together collectively as a group as one. One Love. 

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