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“The Final Exam”

April 19, 2013

(one participant’s perspective)

An Ode To Chelsea Palermo & Tim  Ziegler’s Brighton Bar ‘Final Exam’ Poetry & Music Event 02/13/2011


‘Big Rock Candy Mountain’ Opener

Next A Song ‘Bout Hippie Fest & Jest  at Hofmann’s Baby

In Maine He Explained

& Handed Out Free “Idiom” Literary Magazines


Alex, I Think, If Name’s Messed Up Not To Offend

Chelsea The Hostess’  High School Friend

Skies & Scarecrows Silhouette  Buds With Painted Bends


Colt In Aquatic

Last Valentine’s Day Fall

Keller Neurotic

Beautiful Love Songs


Glenn Works With Greg & Can Surely See

His Paintings Are Jagged Beautiful & Free

Moonlight Backyard Shed Lit Grand Art

Lion Cowers Arrowed Bite

Bright With Extravagant Transcendent Sight

Apples Houndtoothed In Sky Blue Window Flow

Glenn Knows, Oh Ho Ho, How Glenn Knows


Sarcastic Valentiner Breathing Poem Of Silly Hate

He’s Just Joking, Relax ,Gestate



Crookdale Greg On Bass & Tribal Friend On 21st Century Drums

Worldwide Sounds

Rocks & Socks & Hums


Chelsea Waits In The Cold Cold Ground

Chronicling Dylan

With Her Son & Shel

Child’s Memory Imparts

  Don’t Dare Eat A Quarter

Because It’s Made Of Lead

& If So


Amazing Little Boy

Just Like His Mommy

Love They Spread


Celebrity Gossip

A Joan Rivers Harangue

Montague Plastic

Cobain’s Daughter’s Eyes Fantastic


Tattered Dress Girl

Tattoos Peeking Boo

You Were Friends With Jesus Man

Our Darling’s Love Shattered Through


Flannelled Tim, 

Hazlet Multiplex Co-Worker & Friend

Eating Pizza, Collecting The Bread

Played The Lin & Sang The Beautiful Trend


A Sign Of The Times

Mr.Ziegler You Were Incredible

Good To See You  Again


Annie So Kind

Art Til The End

Wrap Up That Neck

Wrap Up That Gem

Beautify Head Supporters

Neck Laced Friends


A Gay Kid Read Poetry

& Played Beautiful Classical Piano Too

Classied Up The Joint

For A Minute Or Two


Who Were Those Girls On The Synth & The Mand?

Skinny Skinny Girl Stringer Plucker 

Stating Stay Stay Stay

To Avoid One Night Stand


Big Big Girl Wondering Same Exact Thing

If Alcohol Wasn’t Involved

Would There Even Be This Fling?

Another Query

Mystery Man

That Guitar She Gave You

Do You Still Use It?

Or Is It Also Left Lonely On The Stand?


Big Fat Beautiful Lesbian Love

Ukulele Propositions & Dread

Colorful Punks & Hippies

Wild Harmonies That Wed


Electric Blue Haired Girl

Wig Or For Real?

Either Way

I Like The Way It Makes Me Feel


Charlie The Doorman

Plastic Sky Blue Nazi Helmet On His 3 Year Old Daughter’s Head

What in the world are you thinking man?

Metallica & Mario Cloths Warming The Fam

Baby’s Momma Won’t Wed You, Make Love To You, But Won’t Let You Go

JFK’s Newspaper From The Day He Was Shot In His Head

He Found It Stuffed Between Floorboards On A Carpentering Gig

He’s A Bass Man, A Door Man, & The Owner Of The Brighton Bar’s Childhood Friend

He’s Warm & Smiling & His Band Is On The Mend

He Gives You Hugs & Kisses On Your Hand

Depending On Your Age

Everybody’s Allowed Into The Brighton Bar

On This Charity Sunday



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