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“Mish-Mash & Mismatch”

June 17, 2013

dirty boy misdeeds

clean man believes

a response to responsibility

finally finally stability

nine years of fool hearty party

shadows triple & ripple

then finally become solid

time to focus on the wallet

a realistic idealistic

no longer a twisted mystic

auras ramshackle fields of magnets

in infrared dreams the seams

give way to hyperspace beams

a golden glow of forgiving charitable Love

uncovered, discovered, & unencumbered

aphrodisiac maniac

institutional art darts while eyes bull

in an effervescent immutable om

mediocrity mentioned & misappropriated

funds fun fecund fun

everyone deserves a ponytailed girl

i smell my pupils

i see my ears

i taste your touch

i feel your fears

i hear your mind

thinking through doors

oft not on

a binary qualm

an irresistible digit

fidgets with my ten toe nails

a lake has devoured

the bikes of the young

a lake keeps the memories

amongst catfish tails, whiskers, & gills

a cowboy drowned

a frozen state skated

a rope swing cut down

in parental consternation

a burp-a-lurp

& hub-bub-bub

expel the gaseous remnants of food

Halloween on the clock

& a boy’s scared etchings

a little to the right

of the left hemisphere pressings

dumbfounded for conversation

what’s hypnotic to me

is boring to you

a wrecked tangle triangulated to better zoom

sounds mish-mash & mismatch

a glee of glam clubbed & rhymed

digging the quantum field

shoveling the electric shield

bombs of Love parachute out spine

dispersing the Divine

a heart so open it rivals the ocean

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