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“Chasing the Sun” (acoustic demo)

June 25, 2013

IMG_2505   (Evan & Keith – Dining Room Demos)

(Keith acoustic demo)

(Verse 1)

We’re dusting this town from our shoes

Roll down the window sing a song or two

Where we go and what we do

Doesn’t  matter as long as i have you


On the highway chasing the sun

Making sure to have some fun

Pay the tolls and fill the tank

Push the gas and then the brakes

(Verse 2)

Turn the signals, put on the lights

We lost the sun, but we found the night

It’s getting dark, it’s getting dangerous

We can do this with good directions

We can do this with each other

We can do this just you and me


(Verse 3)

We can cut through the night like a warm butter knife

We can go and get married and make you my wife

I’ll be your loving man, your husband

We can shake the tree, enjoy the fruits of life


(Verse 4)

The sun broke the night and we made it there alright

We never went fishing and we never caught a bite

Roll up the windows, get out the car

And end this song


Music: Evan Darragh

Lyrics: Keith Corcoran and Evan Darragh

Dining Room Demos: Keith Corcoran/acoustic bass and Evan Darragh/vocals/acoustic guitar


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