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“Singing Eeep, Bop, Eeep, Bop, Bop”

January 14, 2014

Spaghetti on the wall

Creepy crawling falling into a ball

Round and spinning

Bowling pinning

Strike that match

Watch the turkeys hatch

Gobble the giblets

Ogle the piglets

As the ducks quack

The farmer’s hands crack

The cows chew the cud

Flora begin to bud

There is work to be done

For the enlightening sun

Time and love and women and nature

Intoxicants and struggle and beauty and satyrs

Everything thrown together, what a mess, clean it later

Got the croc on the dial talking about the gator

Monsters from the past meet the monsters from the future

The wounds will stop bleeding if you get a suture

Scars on the mind just making it stronger

They weren’t big enough so I made them longer

Vibrations in my ear turning into a song or

Anything I want because I control what enters this head

Listening to the fruits of the flute higher feelings rising and I’m fed

And with this ring, to you I thee wed

Love brings us together to share this bed

We sleep, we dream, we rest, we recharge, we enmesh

We touch, we feel, we grope, we grab, we cherish

We sweat, we work, we stop, we play, we pray, we give thanks

Down by the river of the hanky pank where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank

Singing, “Eeep, bop, eeep, bop, bop, skiddle, diddle, kernel, POP”

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