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“Ringling” (acoustic demo)

April 11, 2014

ringling “Ringling” (Thouret/Corcoran) (acoustic demo)

*This is a recording of a song that was first written on bass by Justin Thouret and then built up by the band we were in, Major Input. Justin showed me how to play it on bass and then wrote drums for it and the rest of the guys in Major Input then wrote their parts. I wrote these lyrics for it, but they were rejected in favor of reworking them, but that never happened before Justin’s passing. The song, which Major Input called “Justin’s Song”, turned into an instrumental. We never got to finish a proper full band studio version of the song before Justin passed away, although we do have a warts and all studio outtake.

(Verse 1)

You’re always ringling about

Some cosmic circus

Like you’re some victim of

The not so secret service

(Verse 2)

Your father lives in

The golden fortress

He’s disappointed

You don’t own horses

(Verse 3)

The air is twisting

Your tongue’s on fire

Your face was shifting

In the land’s water

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