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“July 17th” by Major Input

July 17, 2015
Sitting outside today, listening to Marvin Gaye
Gettin’ tan in the sand with a drink in my hand, and looking for a game to play
The women dressed down today, and the men have no complaints
The birds and the bees are doin’ as they please and there’s a smile on every face
Put up my feet and sink into my seat, la la la la la la la la la la la la


Babies don’t cry today, something in the air takes their attention away
I don’t know what it is but it’s making me dizzy, and I hope that it’s here to stay
Got no cares today, the sun dried them out the breeze blew them away
So if you got an issue, get yourself a box of tissues, the office is closed ’til Monday

Clear blue skies today, so let the music play
Windows open, top down, only way to get around, with a girl who calls me babe
I wrote a song today, but I didn’t have much to say
I found myself a band, we had ourselves a jam
Now let the music play


Keith Corcoran: Bass Guitar
Evan Darragh: Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals
Ryan Gresh: Lead Guitar/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Joseph Santo: Rhythm Guitar
Justin Thouret: Drums/Harmony Vocals

Music: Major Input
Lyrics: Evan Darragh and Sean Otterbine

Recorded,  Engineered, and Mixed by: Joseph Santo and Ryan Gresh
Mastered by: John Rogers

Illustrated Lyrics by: Daniel Lyons


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