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“Scolding Canine Abode: Embarrassed, But Not Unwelcome”

August 4, 2016

At Hotdog House, but not Hotdog House. Definite punk rock house of people on the outs. Head there by myself. Wearing stepfather’s red Columbia jacket and twin brother’s electric blue vans. Have hair combed at the side as is my current grown-up style. In dream remember talking to someone, girl, don’t know who that was, said they been there before and walked around, but never made it to the top floor.

I’m nervous in the dream, but walk in as if I belong there, go there all the time. Walk in, feels like entering “Resident Evil 1” mansion. Floors and lighting are dark, old wood with black stain/dirt. Go to the right and the building wraps around to the top in a spiral.

   As soon as I’m in I see punk rockers milling about, but “concentrate on trucking right”. I want to make it to the top and I see someone sitting at a desk like some sort of punk rock RA/receptionist/hotel clerk. Decide to act casual like I belong and try to just breeze past. He stops me, I tell him I’m here to look around and see some friends. He is wearing glasses and has kind of a Win Butler from Arcade Fire look. He gets my information and notes my type, “skater”, I am offended! Embarrassed my clothes look so nice I continue along the winding upward halls to the top room. It is completely dark and a circular room at the top with either a dark center or hole. Proceed to walk around and it is very dark and tarry with slits on the floor. My feet are caught, but I keep walking. I’m looking for a spirit or an ally, but more so The Great Spirit. About halfway through the tarry slitty circle I find it, and I black out.

I wake up in the dream and I’m still in the mansion on the top floor, but this is a flophouse. I wake up without my electric blue shoes and beaten up. I am embarrassed. I go to leave and I see a roommate/the punk rocker drop out/cool dude that lives in the next room adjacent to this room. The top floor looks completely different. He is nice to me and explains what I did in my blacked out state, stating that what I really did was wander into someone’s room and started taking things so I got beat up. Felt embarrassed, but not unwelcome.

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