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“Two Dreams from January 19th 2014”

August 5, 2016

Dream #1

Playing with a flame thrower in the kitchen of my old house
Flames are crawling up the walls
They go out
But then an electric panel on the wall reignites
I throw water on it
Run down to the basement with a gas can
Hide the gas can by the generator running in the basement
Mom and Stepfather running into the basement in a panic trying to find out about the fire
I run past them up the stairs and further up to winding stairs which lead to the uppermost level
Go to my old room, open the window, and all of the sudden have a gun and fire shots out into the black in a flurry of fury
My Mother’s cousin Anthony is a policeman (dead in real life) and he is outside in the backyard
I almost killed him and a mystery man he was with
Shot Anthony, but it was only a wound
Mystery man gets away, but a stray bullet bit a random pooch with deadly force
I am mocked for killing a dog and shooting an innocent animal
I’m going to jail
They let me keep the stamps in my wallet even after the thorough inspection thinking they were drugs

I’m excited about the time off
Time to decompress
I can’t believe how insane I was and am embarrassed about the shooting and temporary lapse of sanity
I’m in utter disbelief that that happened
I grab a handful of crayons to write some letters home
Realize I will be here awhile and I’ve lost it all
My woman, my son

Dream #2

I’m at a gas station trying to pull up gas tank side
I pull past the pumps to get a better angle and while in reverse my spot is stolen
Infuriated I decide to back right into them as If they weren’t there and smash into them
The driver turns out to be my best friend
The insurance man looks it over and I’m caught on video
I try to pretend like I don’t know whose fault it is, but it is obviously mine


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