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“Cherishing Childhood” by Keith Corcoran

September 13, 2016


Gravelly Brook Park
September 2016

This video contains two original songs.

The first song is an instrumental named “TVQ” . It is named that because after hearing it for the first time my friend said, “It sounds like a transcendental vision quest”.

The second song is named “Heather’s Heavy Sweaters”. It is named that because I figured the other working titles, “Feathers” and “Heather” are probably used more often than “Heather’s Heavy Sweaters”.

This video was filmed on an iphone 5s.

“Heather’s Heavy Sweaters” cuts off due to space/memory on my phone running out, however, it cuts short at a serendipitous moment. A bee begins to investigate my phone which was propped up on a guitar stand. The quick cut looks super artsy, but it is accidental artsy. A happy accident, just like the public television host of “The Joy of Painting” used to say.

I have fond memories of playing knock hockey and “Memory” as a child at Matawan recreation in the summer in the exact spot where this video takes place. Rumor has it that this building will be knocked down soon, which is a shame because it is a perfect stage.

*Should you have trouble playing this video here is the Youtube link:

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