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Notes on “oH’D”

October 17, 2016

img_4666(photo courtesy of David “Miriam Drive” Kerschner)

img_4665(photo courtesy of Ronald “Ronnie” Mirante)

  1. “oH’D”
  2. The clouds scatter and the name embedded is shown
  3. tHe bad kids are sawing off the founder’s head, his eye gets stuck with an ice cream cone
  4. evErybody knows remakes are never better
  5. gagS on signs are doubled, to the ad agencies we are the debtors
  6. skatIng through a pile of leaves reveals a belch
  7. placeMent of products familiar to this family are conveyed on the belt
  8. purple Players practice hand held devices
  9. grandpa Snores are startled by defensive drivers
  10. in order tO find the devil and god and rod and todd
  11. find buttoN that pauses
  12. 600 episodeS tonight, all awesome
  13. (Thanks Nick!)
  1. The title is a play on the first Simpsons poem I wrote in college called “Oh’d”, which is a play on “D’oh!”. (Play-doh?) The ‘HD’ in the title is emphasized because this second poem was inspired by the changes made to the intro since the HD switch.
  2. The show opens with clouds dispersing and the name of the show, “The Simpsons”, appears. The ‘name embedded’ refers to both this poem and the other poem which were built around a cryptography idea that Edgar Allen Poe used. The first line and first letter start with a “T”, the second line and second letter start with an “H”, the third line and third letter start with an “E” and so on until the name, “The Simpsons” is embedded in the poem.
  3. Jimbo and Kearney saw off Springfield founder Jebediah Springfield’s head and it lands on Ralph Wiggum’s head who is standing underneath it. The ice cream cone he was eating before it fell on him smashes in the eye of the statue head and sticks there.
  4. This is a self-referential joke in the style of “The Simpsons”. This is me commenting on the success I had with the first poem in college and how this remake, as well as many movie remakes and tv shows no matter how good they are, are rarely better than the original.
  5. We used to just get a chalkboard gag, but now with this new sequence we get an additional joke in the form of a billboard advertisement right before the chalkboard gag.
  6. Now when Bart exits the school after detention and flies out the doors on his skateboard he lands in a pile of leaves and bounces off Moe’s Tavern regular and Homer’s high school buddy Barney Gumble who is revealed to be sleeping under them. Barney burps.
  7. In the new supermarket sequence items that are being scanned include products from the show’s history such as a carton of “Laramie’s”, “Krusty O’s”,  “Tomacco Juice”, and “Mr. Sparkle Laundry Detergent”.
  8. Sherri and Terri are seen playing with hand held devices in the Lisa saxophone sequence during music class, whereas in the old one they were playing flutes.
  9. In the old intro it was just Marge and Maggie in the car when they honked their horns in unison, but now Grandpa is in the car sleeping and when they honk it startles him and wakes him up.
  10. As the Simpson family arrives home from their daily routines, in the old intro and the new intro, there is moment that flashes by that shows a plethora of characters. In order to truly appreciate this you have to view this on a format where you can pause and view the sequence frame by frame.
  11. *See previous*
  12. This poem was written to commemorate “The Simpsons” 600th episode. I am a faithful viewer that has seen every episode since it aired when I was seven years old. I am 33 years old now.
  13. I have a friend who actually works on the show and the amazing guy that he is, knowing full well my appreciation of the show, asked me if I had any ideas for his Halloween credit this year. He used the idea I pitched to him: Nick “At Night” Conti,  as well as going above and beyond and included a (Thanks Keith!) after it because he knew I would freak out. I did. It was a highlight of my life. (Thanks Nick!)


img_4663(photo courtesy of Michael “Master P” Mastropiero)

img_4661(photo courtesy of Patricia “Trish” Crawford)

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