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“Yard Check”

December 19, 2016

This post is all about the third picture for me. I work for a trucking company and every morning I do the yard check, which entails filling out a list of the trailers and equipment in the yard.


The first picture shows the icicle coming off of a trailer, the list I make, and some clouds.





This second picture I was trying to get a better picture of the icicle. While doing this I noticed the window’s reflection of the yard check that was sitting on the passenger seat.




This third picture is all natural reflection. It perfectly balances the original inspiring subject, the icicle, with the second inspiring subject, the reflections, creating a quasi-abstract picture. I kind of feel like I may be the only person who can really appreciate it, but man do I love it so I wanted to share it.

I like how by posting all three pictures each one zooms in more and more, getting closer and closer and deeper and deeper.


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