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“Hooray for Surviving”

January 9, 2017

Standing on the beach looming in the horizon

Running fast made it past relieved to be not dying

Of birds and feathers and mice and coats

Drowned out by a habitual need to hear notes

A mind rearranged tranced up and engaged

A cymbal’s crash jerks the hips in a flash

A circular movement mimicking atoms and the earth

A peaceful blur, a very peaceful blur

The dance of a top that never stops

A cog in the great energy machine

Love goes in

And love goes out

Tipped over like a teapot

Here is the handle

Now is the spout

Eyes and ears

Sees and hears

Hands massaging your insides

Pull the darkness out

The soul as a beach blanket

The darkness the sand

All cleaned off

Waving in the wind

Standing on the beach looming in the horizon

Missed this crash

Hooray for surviving


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