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“Vulcanized Rubber” (acoustic demos)

May 2, 2017


vulcanized rubber puck   (Fast Version)


  (Slow Version)



(1st verse)

Vulcanized rubber sliding away

Passed and caught on a power play

The thud of the pads, the sound of the rebound, the net is so quiet

(2nd verse)

The other team frowns, back at the center

The judge just drops the puck

Down two goals and only two minutes to go…fuck*  (*”shucks” for clean version)

(3rd verse)

It’s getting tense and emotions are in the way

Just skate past them, break away

One on one, high or low, shot leaves the blade

Goal! Goal! Goal!

One minute thirty left a fight to the end

(4th verse)

That other guy just slashed you

The ref just turned his head

The mind turns to blood and the red is fed

In the penalty box now i’d rather be dead

(5th verse)

Watching in horror as my team holds on for our life

The other team just tripped us

Equal strength with under a minute left to survive

(6th verse)

Out of the clink and on to the rink

One timer passed the goalie’s ear

It’s all tied up now, but we still can’t cheer

(7th verse)

Back to the center 10 seconds to go

Pass pass pass, deke deke deke

Shot squeaks pass the goalie’s pads

Motherfucker* (*”Game over” for clean version)

There goes our winning streak


Music: Keith Corcoran and Joe Santo

Lyrics: Keith Corcoran

Acoustic Demo: Keith Corcoran

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