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“Yer So Bad” & “Learning to Fly” (Tom Petty covers)

October 2, 2017

Tom Petty

1) “Yer So Bad” (Tom Petty cover) – at Maloney’s Pub & Grill in Matawan, NJ 02-10-2010

*Lyrics changed to:

“Not, me, Tracy, I’ve got you, to, save me”

** Lyrics changed to:

“My sister’s ex-husband can’t get no lovin’, walks around dog faced and hurt

Now he’s got nothin’, Plath’s in the oven, I can’t decide which is worse”

(This is dark, but Sylvia Plath, poet and author of “The Bell Jar”, committed suicide by putting her head in an oven. I was an English major and I enjoyed her book, plus I share the same birthday as her.)


2) “Learning to Fly” (Tom Petty cover) (home recording 10-02-2017)



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