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Track 2 – “Dust” (13th Floor Elevators cover)

October 10, 2017

Blankets and Covers - Volume One

“Blankets and Covers: Volume One” – Track 2 – “Dust” (13th Floor Elevators cover) (recorded January 19th 2011 at “Bayside” Keyport, NJ)

This song is a song appropriately called, “Dust”. I say appropriate because one of the main inspirations for making this album is the cover. I’m referring to the photograph used as the art for the album. This photo was taken by my wife Tracy after Hurricane Sandy. Eight of the ten tracks on this album were recorded at the open mics at the  “Bayside Bar & Grill” in Keyport, NJ that is seen on the cover. The bar was destroyed and never rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy. They ended up knocking it down and nowadays in 2017 there is just an empty space where it used to be. In essence, like this song, it became dust.

“Dust” was released on “Easter Everywhere”, a 1967 album by “13th Floor Elevators”. I never learned the music for it so I just sang the lyrics over some original music I had which later became an original song called “Heather’s Heavy Sweaters”.

Dust from your skin
Must trust, when it scatters
Only love matters
It’s been overjoyed

Scents and perfumes
Whence, since your higher fragrance
Is memory
Incense and never destroy

Every stop we’ve taken
Is now a wonderous shrine
Where nature is in order
Your sense is sensing mine
As I love you
All the creatures play
As I love you
Now it’s safe to say
There’s no hang up in our way

The trees in our gaze
Will show us the love that we breath in
This shouldn’t amaze
They openly love all they are
And love’s all they are


Gifts, to begin
Bliss, cliffs of expression
They suit our impression
And every whim

Taste has got thirst
Faced, waste
Beyond uses
With so many juices
Were filled to the brim

Our pleasure’s not forsaken
We cultivate our bend
More chances re-awaken when beginning meets the end
As I love you
Now it’s safe to say
There’s no hang up in our way
As I love you

The faith that we build
Will strengthen our close growing closer
Till waiting is filled
We simply remember we are
Where ever we are

Clay that we print
May stay as we mold it
But will never hold it
The promise is long


Till we’re complete
Will, still is intention
We still need attention to help us along



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