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“What Brian Said At The Turtle Back Zoo”

November 6, 2017

1) prairie dog(Prairie Dog) Brian says, “Woah, I never seen that before in real life! It looks like a fat squirrel with no tail.”

2) snow woman(Snow Woman) Brian says, “I wish that snow woman would stop throwing me gang signs, it’s creeping me out.”

Brian also says, “Wow, these snowmen have the worst case of arthritis.”

3) cougar(Cougar) Brian says, “Man, Ken Griffey Jr. used to use that tail as a baseball bat.”

4) raven(Raven) Brian says, “I feel like it should be wearing a silver Christ cross.”

Brian also says, “It says here everything is black on a Raven: black feathers, black eyes, black feet, black soul.”

5) eagles(Bald Eagles) Brian says, “They remind me of those two old muppet guys.”

6) black neck swan(Black-Neck Swans) Brian says, “They look like they have black socks on their heads. They look like they are wearing ski masks. They look like robber swans.”

7) leopard(Leopard) Brian says, “My grandma had a coat that looked like you.”

8) sea urchin(Sea Urchin) Brian says, “Well that looks like a nightmare.”

9) buddhist statue(Buddhist Statue) Brian says as we turn the corner and there he is, “Look at this creep.”



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