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“Gone Forth With A Backlash”

April 17, 2018

Gone forth with a backlash

Extricated and rematched

Diagonally crumpled in a hatch back

Yellow lights are changing faster and faster

Six dimes and a slew of tunes

Perusing eardrums and brain goos

Never get tired of circadian rhythms

Finding the daylight and pools to swim in

Marched back and a ten hut

Left right left but staying put

Overly wane with the waxing moon

Stars shining twinkling hiding at noon

Forest fire destroying getting ready to create

Seeds are sown underground lying in wait

Gone but ten times and nine minus four

Found a friend on a newly shellacked wooden floor

Got my bowling shoes on ready to strike pins

Curving and swerving cutting right in

Mind disguised and fake mustachioed

Was never able to eat just one pistachio

Left her right there on the bed

She was dreaming about being well fed

Sweat emerging from underneath the skin

Popping a bead glistening

Choirs are made up of many vocal chords

Mixing and matching sounds sometimes not even words

A trifle a trumpet a hollering Dad

Mother’s upset at drunk driving, M.A.D.D.

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