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“Waves of Summer” (Music Memo)

September 23, 2019


The waves of summer come and gone

Splashed and played in the hot hot sun

We shed our clothes took off our shirts

Ooohed and aaahed at the fireworks

Music filled our ears and soothed our hearts

Bones were shaking, rattling, rolling in fits and starts

Rained poured down on the nest

Give us shelter, you guys are the best

Wolf came out to play at the city’s field

Mother and daughter watched as the tie dye spilled

Laughing at the absurdity of it all

Holographic boundaries threatening to undo the walls

Running drunk you smashed my drink all over me

You just kept on trucking not wanting to miss the ferry

In the saltwater pool we played colors

A bee stung mother she shouted, “fucker!”

A backyard luau with floral prints

Late night karaoke fit for a prince

Christmas in July with Amelia

Sweating in the garage passing sensimilla

Surprise surprise silver balloons read four zero

Throwing hatchets in the woods trying to be a hero 

We rode our bikes to the sunset in Cape May

Ate take out on the beach with the family

The prince and the princess became a king and queen

Overlooking the sandy hook ocean from a water witch’s dream

Stumbling in the dark drunk in a tux rolling down the hill

Never once did we feel we had our fill

We were asked to sea, to hear, to be here now

Danced with a mermaid, and the lobster, and The B-52’s as we boogied down

The waves of summer come and gone

Splashed and played in the hot hot sun

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