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“Thanking the Stars”

January 13, 2020


Face smashed on that fast concrete

Ripping your skin now bloody meat

A brave young man bombing the hill

At first it was such a thrill

Speed wobbles the fear came true

Falling is all you could do

Your brother covered your body and screamed out your name

Hugging your rag dolled body twitching in pain

Breath came back and you got right up

Face, hand, hip, shoulder, knee, bleeding, f*ck

“I’m okay, I’m just mad my new pants got ripped”

“This is not okay, I messed up, I’m such an idiot”

Better call Mom she’s not too far

Mom is friends with nurses who cleaned your new scars

We got lucky this time, next time we’ll listen to Jack

We’ll wear a helmet and pads so you won’t get cuts all over your back

And face, hand, hip, shoulder, knee

Thanking the stars right now for the wonderful gift in my life named Henry


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