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“Barefoot Bride” (for Mike & Bonnie)

March 7, 2023

Over the hills and far away

Oh darling darling darling

She walked barefoot over the bridge

White train following her

Flowers in her hands and hair

Father at her side, arms linked

She stood to face her man

Walked through a crowd of love

The crowd disappeared and it was just them

Eyes locked


Usually unspoken understood words let loose affirming confirming bare and beautiful

A kiss to seal the deal

She wrapped her arms around him

He, her



No matter the weather

This day the sun shone

God’s love abound


Arms raised it was time to celebrate

Their love

They walked back over the bridge husband and wife

A new chapter started in the story of their life

Over any hill and no matter how far away

They will have each other

Walking a while


They’ve got so much, so much

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