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“Live at Espresso Joe’s Open Mic March 27th 2019”

March 29, 2019

  1. Hooray for Surviving (Corcoran)
  2. Irish Coffee (Darragh/Corcoran)
  3. Moonlight Mile (Jagger/Richards)
  4. Better Act Now (Darragh/Corcoran)

“Wheels Well Worn”

March 12, 2019

I will get by I will survive

Slightly imposing

Stone cold skull and roses

Broken dawns touched by grey

Sugared magnolias sunshine daydreams

Rippled still waters boxes of rain fountains not made

Mississippi half-steps the day I was born

Falling in Love all over again with wheels well worn

“Espresso Joe’s February 27th 2019 Open Mic”

March 6, 2019

1) Turn the Page (Bob Seger cover)

2) Dark Star (Grateful Dead cover)

3) Fortunate Cookies (Major Input cover)

4) Rocket Queen (Guns N’ Roses cover) *with special guest Gillian

“A Family”

February 13, 2019

Oh I, fell in love with you

And you, fell in love with me

Oh Tracy, oh Tracy

And we, had ourselves a baby

Oh baby, oh baby

And we, named that baby Casey

Oh Casey, oh Casey

You, made us a family

A family, a family

“Nice Lights”

January 9, 2019

“Eve of Eve (Train Ride Home)”

December 31, 2018

Technicolor light rail travels

Unravels speeds forth

Cosmic debris left in junket

Dropping off and taking on passengers at every stop

Sufficiently puddled muddled with orange glo

Souls turn experiencing trans and mediation from stillness to birth

The ceiling slackens it’s jaws enveloping iron crosses jaguars smoking tobacco

In the library below a children’s dreams and hopes

A winking nod you forgot now remembered in the half holographic haze

At clear peace with the afterglow

Words still dance being trailed before the cosmos

Nice juxtaposition super scenic

Feel like a rat who just played in a rainbow bath

Holding the door open for others

Audience squeegeed out

Trickling down steps

That exhale that pops your eyes out

Body rested after the nice stew

Ghosts in the forest awaits

Residual comet heading back towards earth

Time twisted bended

Murky julop spoonfuls pour over

Glares refracting diamondizing or so you would hope

Tendril extends arm in search for pearl

Omniwaverent vent flossing hypoglossal nerve

That little daily routine became a lifesaver

Never stayed out in the ocean too long always swam back in order to enjoy laying face first on a towel with salted ocean still caking my bathing suit sand on my back all gritty ready to meld my face with the warm sand

Cape May is on its way Chicken Parm at 8 number 55 rsvp

Battery running out 10% no probably 5 and draining

The gentle screeching of the night gallops beside these dreams

These techno magic sounds like you opening your electronic mail

Ticket takers talking amongst themselves


The one with the smaller head he just turned 26 on Friday

Oh my god another Phish crowd tomorrow and it’s NYE

Aberdeen-Matawan station is next, Aberdeen-Matawan

Some people are losing their voice it’s like a little virus that’s going around

Aw she’s having a hard time a really hard time she was recording a song earlier over the rainbow

Not sure if it’s that song or the holidays first energy city my house is all electric so is mine

Ticket takers done talking

The train car passenger lights go completely dark at 1:21 a.m. but the train still glides

Worlds collapsing standing guard making sure no soldier left behind

A battflefront on unperforated terrain not very violent vividly lysergic

Bringing the trophy home well sported and ready for bed

Log cabin fires glowing plush carpet laying down

“Four Instrumentals”

December 6, 2018

I attended an open mic last night at “Espresso Joe’s” in Keyport, NJ. Two performers, I believe a husband and wife team, played four instrumentals. The first number was an accordion accompanied by a mandolin. The second number was a fiddle and pump organ. The last two numbers had both players on fiddle.

During their performance I decided to do stream of conscious writing for each piece. Here are the results:


In my head roses bloom and spin daffodils laughing crashing waiting noses fed brown leather shoes scraping and dragging their toes what she’s thinking nobody knows


I can’t find the rhythm trying to get in them wondering why you listen left this town for a new system rail roads clacked and twisted speeding fast and glistening livelihood of wisdom dropped on unsuspecting victims revelatory smiles rising and riding a wave of listening twice born and still kicking umpteenth time of getting it together weather breezing on by in our kitchen licking lips after good chicken forks dropped on plates all finished


Walking the beat billy at my side twirling with keys dangling on a ring very wide no gum to pop but a smile to crack it’s a beautiful day in Chicago no skulls to be smacked badge is catching rays and throwing them back neighborhood is safe bunch of friendly stares walking the beat and turning the corner children eating dripping ice cream cones and running in the summer no crime today  nobody to help just have to keep the beat as the air swelts


Your white dress flows floral trim as you turn hair done up with particular concern a chandelier twinkles and lifts our eyes my hand on your hip while you move your thighs a spin like a top my hand on your lower back you bend and close eyes it all goes black